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25.10 Results from Cuxhaven

October 24, Cuxhaven, Germany:

Arena´s Heavy Night featured Konstantin Airich ouscoring Cisse Salif over eight. Salif had the power but as he often does posed too much and Airich won clearly on points.

Czech heavy Ondrey Pala impressed in beating Alex Mazikin over eight.  Mazikin had a point deducted in the fifth for a low blow but when he scored low in the sixth again Pala, turning away in pain, was given a standing eight count. But Ondrey won clearly  mixing his offence well while Mazikin, an exellent amateur, had neither speed or punch to match Pala.

Wladimir Virchis returned and looked slow and ponderous as he beat Edgars Kalnars over six. Virchis, who have fought two world eliminators and been EBU champ, was very far from that level in this fight but Kalnars took too long to realize it.

In the fourth heavyweight fight Yakub Saglam stopped Ladislav Kovarik in the fifth of a scheduled six-rounder. Kovarik, a short, stocky guy, took a solid beating but was very tough.

Supermiddle Christian Pawlak outscored Michal Bilak over eight. Bilak suffered a bad cut over the left eye but hung in there and gave Pawlak a tough night.

At ringside: former West German amateur great Peter Hussing, ex-EBU middle champ Khoren Gevor, WBA and WIBF fly queen Susi Kentikian, middleweight Mahir Oral and Ralf and Graciano Rocchigiani (trainers for Pawlak).

Arena confirms talks with WBA middle champ Felix Sturm and it appears that the close connection with Top Rank is an important matter as that makes a showdown with Kelly Pavlik a distinct reality.

What´s next for Arena´s heavyweight Odlanier Solis? Well,  a showdown against Chris Arreola seems likely.

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