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22.06 Euro News

Word from Argentina is that the now former WBA lightheavy champ Hugo Hernan Garay had to lose 25 kilo in 25 days before defending the title against Spaniard Gabriel Campillo, a huge underdog. After round five the normally strong, non-stop punching Garay had nothing left and ended up losing a majority decision. No disrespect to Campillo, a good, clever boxer, who previously held the EU title at supermiddle but he´s not likely to remain champ for long. Garay had a promotional deal with Universum in Germany – no word if there are any options on Campillo.
Watching Klitschko vs Chagaev on TV I noticed that what worked against Valuev for the former WBA champ (no longer under review or in recess) backfired against Klitschko: Chagaev moved to his own left – normally a wrong move for a southpaw fighting an ortodox boxer. Against Valuev Ruslan got away with it as the slow, plodding Russian followed him around the ring instead of cutting it off. Klitschko moved much better, worked with a snappy jab and dominated the fight with Chagaev walking into the right hand. 
Media in Sweden was quick to point out that while Wladimir Klitschko might be an outstanding champion he´s only one of three champs. Fifty years ago it was different as we approach the day when Ingemar Johansson won the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world with a third round tko win over Floyd Patterson.
IBF I/C cruiser champ Enad Licina defend the title against Mexican Ignacio Esparza June 27 in Berlin on the Abraham vs Oral show. Licina was floored against Jose Luis Herrera last time out but showed a big heart in wearing down his opponent for a stoppage win.
EBU supermiddle champ Karo Murat will reportedly defend the title against Italian Lorenzo Di Giacomo August 29 in Germany.
Arena Box Promotion will promote the fight for the vacant EBU heavyweight title between veterans Sinan Samil Sam and Paolo Vidoz in September in either Turkey or Germany.
Czech jr middle Lukas Konecny face Frenchman Christophe Karagoz July 3 in Hannover on the undercard to Ragosina vs Ramsey.
Happy Birthday to former two-time EBU heavyweight champ Steffen Tangstad, who also fought Michael Spinks for the world title. Tangstad later made a career in TV as commentator and then also as promoter and agent for a number of fighters.

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