fredag, 21. juni 2024

15.07: Varon stopped

On July 2, Spanish Rimer Boxe won purse bids to stage EBU superwelter champ Sergey Rabchenko´s defence against Ruben Varon with an offer for 91,000,00 Euro.
Date and site was to be announced.
Varon, 41-7, then fought a six round tuneup in Alcala July 13 against Rafael Chiruta, on paper a very safe opponent with only four wins from 33 fights and previously beaten by Varon. However, Chiruta hadn´t read the script and hurt and floored Varon in the first and again in the second and it was stopped in what no doubt about it was the biggest upset in European boxing in some time.
The fight was made at middleweight so technically Varon will remain mandatory challenger for the EBU title but the promoters will no doubt about it have a hard time with marketing Rabchenko vs Varon. If Ruben can´t get past a a guy 4-29 how will he fare against a guy that is 23-0?

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