onsdag, 24. juli 2024

14.04 Euro News

Polish jr middle Damian Jonak goes for the vacant IBC title May 9 in Gdynia and face Venezuelan – fighting out of Spain – Carlos Donquiz in the headliner of this Bullit Knockout promotion. Heavyweight Andrzej Wawrzyk defends the WBC Youth title in the co-feature.
WBA cruiser champ Guillermo Jones have been notified by the WBA that he have until June27 to go through with the defence against mandatory challenger Valery Brudov from Russia. The parties have until April 27 to reach a deal or the fight will go to purse bids. Jones won the title September 27 of last year.
Spanish alltime great Javier Castillejo is officially retired writes espabox.com. Castillejo fought a draw April 4 against Pablo Navascues for a total record of 62-8-1-1. He was Spanish champ at welter, EBU- and WBC champ at jr middle and WBA champ at middle.
Big German heavy Timo Hoffmann, the German Oak, is trained by Dirk Dzemski for his upcoming fight against WBF ruler Francois Botha May 15 in Magdeburg. Hoffmann have gone through a lot of trainers through his long career.
Italian flyweight Andrea Sarritzu is in Spain sparring with EBU champ Ivan Pozo, who defends the title May 8 against French challanger Christophe Rodrigues, Sarritzu will fight on the undercard and stands a good chance to get the winner of Pozo-Rodriguez.
Female jr middles Conjestina Achieng and Maria Lindberg clash for the vacant WIBF title May 8 in Berlin. Lindberg suffered a subdural haematoma (bleeding between the skull and the brain) in the amateurs and is suspended indefinitely from fighting as an amateur and was until recently banned from the pros as well. However, the BDB in Germany have licensed her despite protests from Sweden. At 2-0-1 in the amateurs and with eight amateur fights she is now fighting for a “world” title.  

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