mandag, 15. juli 2024

26.01 Holyfield out, Abell in, fight Botha Feb 27

Evander Holyfield is off the planned showdown against WBFederation heavyweight champ Francois Botha. He is replaced by “Minnesota Ice”, Joey Abell. The show is still set for Kampala, Uganda, but has been postponed again and will now go ahead February 27.
There is no official confirmation from promoter Eddie Bazira and his Stockholm, Sweden, based promotional outfit Baltic Pro Box but Ken Sanders, representing Holyfield, tells this reporter they waited for three months for the first payment, none came, and Holyfield is now tentatively scheduled to fight in the US March 6 and April 24.
As for PPV from Uganda with Botha vs Abell, no, it won´t happen – but as a matchup it´s not bad at all. Abell, a southpaw, can punch and Botha, with all his experience, is still tough.

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