torsdag, 13. juni 2024

04.06 Q og A med Joey Gamache

Den tidligere amerikanske verdensmester Joey Gamache er cheftræner for Team Sauerlands gym i København. I en pressemeddelelse fortæller amerrikaneren lidt om sit arbejde.
Q: On Sunday, Team Sauerland stages a public try-out in Copenhagen to find new boxing talents. Almost 100 people have already signed up. You will be one of the jury members. Have you ever done anything like that before? JG: “No, I haven´t, but I am really looking forward to it. It´s a great idea to be looking for hungry people who do not have a big boxing background. Natural fighters, that is what you want, it´s something you have to be born with and if you can find it in this kind of set-up, I think that´s great. I like the idea that you can find raw talent and do something with it.”   Q: What will you be looking for as a judge? JG: “The three Ds – desire, determination and drive.”   Q: The Nielsen brothers are certainly blessed with the three Ds. What is it like to work with them? JG: “It´s great. They keep impressing me. And they keep surprising me. I think the brothers are big secrets. Micki´s a big guy, he is explosive and he is throwing bombs. Patrick is a good technician but he can punch as well. They both have all the tools to be successful. They are tall southpaws, which is an asset in itself. They are developing good trademarks thanks to their solid fundamentals – the footwork, the balance, the jab, the explosive one-twos, good body-punching and solid defense. On top of that, they have a great team around them. That´s very important in boxing. You need to have a good manager and a good promoter who gets you the fights.”   Q: You have worked at the famous Kronk Gym in Detroit as an assistant trainer to Emmanuel Steward. How much Kronk is in Patrick and Micki? JG: “There is a lot of Kronk in them. The emphasis of the Kronk is great basics. The desire of the will to go above and beyond. The spirit of conquering.  With their height and reach, Patrick and Micki have so much to work with. They have a beautiful one-two, another trademark of the Kronk, as well as a good jab. They are solid body punchers which you don’t see enough in fighters of today. They have unlimited potential.  What I like so much about Patrick and Micki is that they are nice guys outside the ring but the moment they step through the ropes they are a different person. They become very mean. They are fighters who give everything and that´s what you have to have to last in a gym like the Kronk. The will, the desire, the roughness, the hunger – they will do whatever it takes to win. They have fear of nobody, they have no mercy.”   Q: Patrick Nielsen defends his WBA Intercontinental Middleweight Title against Crispulo Javier Andino on June 15 in Aarhus. What do you think of him? JG: “Andino has good basics. He is consistent with the jab and goes to the body as well. He is a very capable guy. He´s coming to Denmark with nothing to lose and everything to gain. He wants Patrick´s title. It will be a tough fight for Patrick.”   Q: You have lived and trained fighters all over the world. How´s Copenhagen treating you? JG: “It´s great to be here. Denmark is beautiful, it´s a great county with very friendly people. Everybody is very supportive of boxing. Copenhagen is a great place to train, we have everything we want. It´s a home for the boys.”   Q: Do you have a favourite place or sight? JG: “There are a lot of great things to see and do, but my favourite place would be the gym, Butcher´s Garage. That´s where I spend most of my time and that´s where we are doing all the work to get the boys ready.”

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